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Art of Russia - Ep 1

Out of the Forest

Andrew tells the story of Russian art - beginning with the origins of the Russian icon, and a monastery founded by Ivan the Terrible.

Andrew Graham-Dixon on Faith in the Frame

Andrew Graham-Dixon talks on Faith in the Frame.

Art of Russia - Ep 2

Roads to Revolution

Andrew looks at how art was affected by Russia's revolution.


Andrew explores the works of Klimt on the Culture Show

Art of Russia - Ep 3

Smashing the Mould

Andrew examines how art was at the forefront of rejecting 1000 years of royal rule.

Art of Russia - Ep 2 Outtakes

Dancing, joking, rambling and laughing on set with Andrew in Russia.

British Culture: Chatsworth House

Andrew considers Turnbull's large outdoor work and his legacy as a major figure in post-war British art.

100% English

Andrew presents a documentary looking into the genetic make-up of people who consider themselves to be English.

Venus in the Shell

An animation by the children of Frith Manor School

The story of a fresco painter and an escape from Pompeii - from the very talented Frith Manor School children, and Schooling the Imagination.

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