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Art of Italy - The Medici

Makers of Modern Art

AGD reveals how the Medici family transformed Florence through sculpture, painting and architecture, and became the financial engine behind the Italian Renaissance.

AGD Keith Richards Interview

AGD interviews Keith Richards - one hour special.

Cruikshank - 1000 Ways of Getting Drunk in England

Andrew Graham-Dixon reveals a fascinating history of the nation's love affair with the bottle as George Cruikshank 's forgotten masterpiece The Worship of Bacchus goes

on show in the Tate Modern.

Scott and Shackleton

Andrew Graham-Dixon looks at King George V's photographic collection of Scott and Shackleton's Antarctic expeditions

Caravaggio, Radio 2 Arts Show

Andrew discusses his new book Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane on the Radio 2 Arts Show

Venus in the Shell

An animation by the children of Frith Manor School

The story of a fresco painter and an escape from Pompeii - from the very talented Frith Manor School children, and Schooling the Imagination.

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