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Sicily Unpacked Ep1

Andrew and Giorgio team up to journey into the heart of Sicily.

Andrew Graham-Dixon visits Mind Over Matter

Andrew Graham-Dixon visits Mind Over Matter, an exhibition that challenges our ideas about brain donation

Petworth House

This is a taster of the new program in which I help to 'Spring clean' Petworth House.

Art of China Ep 3

Andrew charts the glorious rise and calamitous fall of China's last dynasty.

Art of China Ep 2

A look at the golden age of art in China - the 10th to the 15th centuries.

Art of China Outtakes (desert)

Andrew is overcome in the desert..

Art of China Outtakes (stairs)

Andrew demonstrates one of the dangerous aspects of his job as a presenter..

Art of China Outtakes (car)

Andrew tries to remember where he is.. 

Samuel Johnson Prize

The second part of our survey of the shortlist for the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction

National Gallery Photography

Andrew visits the National Gallery's first major exhibition of photography

Sicily Unpacked taster

Watch this snippet from Sicily Unpacked with Andrew and Giorgio Locatelli.

Cash in China's attic

A snippet from Andrew Graham Dixon's Culture Show special about the Chinese art market.

I Never Tell Anybody Anything: The Life and Art of Edward Burra - Taster

Andrew Graham-Dixon tells the remarkable story of Edward Burra's life.

The story of Relics and Reliquaries - Taster

You can watch a taster of Andrew Graham-Dixon's forthcomming programme The story of Relics and Reliquaries.

RA Summer Show 1/4

Andrew presents the opening of the Royal Academy Summer Show in London for the Culture Show.

The Royal Academy 1/7

Andrew co-presents coverage of this year's Royal Academy Summer Show with Lauren Laverne

Picasso and Tradition 1/4

A 30-minute film about Picasso and the past, part 1

A tour of Constructivism at Tate Modern 2

Andrew's guide to this fantastic new exhibition at Tate Modern

A tour of Constructivism at Tate Modern 3

Interview with legendary Neville Brodie about his love of Constructivism

AGD - I, Samurai

Andrew takes a journey into the art and soul of the Samurai, who ruled Japan for 700 years, and were much more than mere warriors...

The Medici, Makers of Modern Art, Clip 1

A sequence from Andrew's forthcoming series, Art of Italy, Film 3, The Medici, Makers of Modern Art
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