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Andrew Graham-Dixon

Art Critic, Journalist, TV Presenter, Novelist, Lecturer and Educationalist

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Andrew Graham-Dixon is one of the leading art critics and presenters of arts television in the English-speaking world.

He has a long history of public service in the field of the visual arts, having judged the Turner Prize, the BP National Portrait Prize and the Annual British Animation Awards, among many other prizes. He has served on the Government Art Collection Committee, the Hayward Advisory Committee, and is currently a member of the board of the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead.

In the course of his career, Andrew has won numerous awards for writing and broadcasting, and his achievements have been acclaimed by many of his most distinguished peers.

Selected Broadcasts

Renaissance - Ep 4

AGD examines the millennial anxiety of 1499, when Europe was gripped by apocalyptic fear as hellfire preachers predicted the end of the world.

Renaissance - Ep 5
Light and Liberty

AGD visits Venice. The city, founded by refugees and made rich through foreign trade, became the source of the greatest painters of light and colour.

Renaissance - Ep 6
The End of the Renaissance?

AGD concludes the series by asking how the Renaissance came to an end and examining its legacy.

Andrew Graham-Dixon on Alan Davidson

Andrew Graham-Dixon goes on a journey to discover the food of Alan Davidson: the man who ate everything.

Andrew Graham-Dixon with Mark Alexander in Berlin

Andrew Graham-Dixon inteviews Mark Alexander in Berlin

Andrew's Books

Caravaggio - A Life Sacred and Profane

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio lived the darkest and most dangerous life of any of the great painters. The worlds of Milan, Rome and Naples through which Caravaggio moved and which Andrew Graham-Dixon describes brilliantly in this book, are those of cardinals and...

Andrew's Events

Andrew lectures around the country. His manner is refreshingly unacademic

11 Jul 2020
AGD presents Rome Unpacked

AGD shares his love of Rome and all things Roman in this wide-ranging talk about the joys and treasures of the Eternal City: an insider’s tour of some of the most memorable works of art and architecture in Rome, including many sights most definitely not on the usual tourist itinerary. A serious talk with some seriously funny moments!

Saturday 7:00pm


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15 Jul 2020
The Life and Work of Caravaggio, with AGD - part 2

Andrew continues his popular seminar on the work of Caravaggio, this time looking at his later years. You do not need to have attended the first seminar to enjoy this one - please come and join the conversation!

Wednesday 9:00am


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03 Sep 2020
Bond Events Rome Tour

Andrew will be giving a walking tour of Rome to some of the world's leading designers, on behalf of Bond Five Star Events.

Thursday 12:00


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Andrews Archives

Andrew has written a weekly column covering all aspects of the visual arts for more than 25 years.
So far, we have managed to put almost a thousand of those articles into this archive, which is FULLY SEARCHABLE! From ancient Greek art to the painting of the Renaissance, to Modernism and Postmodernism and beyond - whatever you are interested in, or are researching, you should find some brain food / stimulation / ideas/ information here. Go to the top right corner of the page and have a look now!

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