Andrew Graham-Dixon Art critic, journalist, TV presenter, author, lecturer and educationalist.

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Please fill out this form if you wish to apply for copies of any of the programmes Andrew has presented. The cost is variable, but not enormous.

You are paying for Andrew's assistant to create the DVD, print and package and post. This takes a long time. You are not paying for the DVDs' content. This is not a commercial sales operation, just something we are occasionally prepared to do for dedicated followers of the work..

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So far we have only had a handful of requests, so it is manageable. If the volume were to increase much beyond that the intention would then be to go commercial and publish the DVDs in partnership with the BBC's commercial arm, BBC Worldwide - or perhaps a license to sell downloads might be another option, the digital world is fast-changing. If either of those things were to happen, which is what we ultimately hope for, then economies of scale would obviously bring the cost down. In return for the hassle of doing this, we do need an assurance from you that the DVDs are solely for your own purposes of education or amusement....

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