Andrew Graham-Dixon Art critic, journalist, TV presenter, author, lecturer and educationalist.
Andrew Graham-Dixon Art critic, journalist, TV presenter, author, lecturer and educationalist.
Classical Antiquity

“Bronze”, at The Royal Academy
Date: 23-09-2012
Owning Institution: Royal Academy
The Relics of Victory
Date: 29-07-2012
Owning Institution: British Museum
The Horse: From Arabia to Royal Ascot
Date: 03-06-2012
Owning Institution: British Museum
Treasures of Heaven
Date: 02-07-2011
Owning Institution: British Museum
“Forgotten Empire: The World of Ancient Persia” at The British Museum 2005
Date: 18-09-2005
Owning Institution: The British Museum, London
Evidence that Man was Making Art 200,000 Years Ago, 170,000 Years BEFORE the First Cave Paintings - This and More Revealed in Treasures from Sudan at the British Museum 2004
Date: 12-09-2004
Owning Institution: British Museum
The Elgin Marbles - The Essential History Everyone Should Know Before Sounding Off
Date: 20-06-2004
Owning Institution: British Museum
ITP 18: Portrait of a Man and His Wife, by an anonymous artist in Pompeii (before 79 AD).
Date: 20-08-2000
Immortal longings
Date: 13-05-1997
Owning Institution: British Museum
Art of Africa: the show of a lifetime
Date: 17-10-1995
Owning Institution: Royal Academy
Ploughman discovers Venus de Milo's arms
Date: 01-04-1987
Owning Institution: Louvre
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At present, all of Andrew's reviews for the Sunday Telegraph are on the site,  as well as every example of the cult column Andrew wrote between 2002 and 2007 entitled "In the Picture".We are still working to input the Independent articles, which we hope will be on before too long!.

All the articles available here may be reused under a Creative Commons license. Images of artworks are shown here on the basis of 'fair use'. Please see the Rights information page for more information.

Praise for Andrew Graham-Dixon:

"Andrew Graham-Dixon is the leading British art critic..."
Robert Hughes

"Andrew Graham-Dixon is the dean of art critics."
A.A. Gill, the Sunday Times

"There is always something that cheers and invigorates - something that makes the reader feel more intelligent and alive."
Anthony Quinn, in the Observer.

"The pleasure is in the ideas. They fairly steam long... Graham-Dixon gets them over skilfully and succinctly without ever getting bogged down or self-conscious."
Matthew Collings, in the Independent on Sunday

"Andrew Graham-Dixon's range is unusually wide, his prose style so supple and his analysis of artists and their work so absorbing that the reader begins by being enthralled and ends by being enriched. How is this achieved? Generally, each piece begins with a description of a particular work of art in which the chief characteristics of the artist are revealed and then held up for re-examination in a wider context, invariably leading to fresh insights or reinterpretations... As a critic he is remarkably self-effacing,reserving the space for opinions on art and artists as opposed to displays of irascibility or bouts of petulance...  Then there is his irreverent sense of humour. For example, Boucher and Fragonard are described as 'painters of airborne brothels' and Giacometti's fuigures are introduced as 'graduates of one of the most punishing physical regimes of modern times: the Alberto Giacometti Total Fitness Programme'. Yet such asides are soon abandoned for passages of sustained prose that often have the plangency of a meditation, only to be brought to a sudden halt by a startling epigram. Many of these last are brilliant apercus that are both memorable and instructive..."
Christopher Lloyd, Surveyor of the Queen's Pictures, in The Daily Express

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