Andrew Graham-Dixon Art critic, journalist, TV presenter, author, lecturer and educationalist.
Andrew Graham-Dixon Art critic, journalist, TV presenter, author, lecturer and educationalist.
17th Century

The boy who would be king
Date: 21-10-2012
Owning Institution: National Portrait gallery
Shakespeare: Staging the World
Date: 22-08-2012
Owning Institution: British Museum
Liquid asset
Date: 29-04-2012
Owning Institution: National Maritime Museum
Painting in the plague
Date: 26-02-2012
Owning Institution: Dulwich Picture Gallery
Landscaping the lowlands
Date: 15-05-2011
Owning Institution: Queen’s Gallery
The Emperor Has Clothes
Date: 30-01-2011
Owning Institution: V & A.
Rude Britannia
Date: 13-06-2010
Owning Institution: Tate Britain
Mystery Portraits at Montacute House
Date: 10-05-2010
Owning Institution: National Portrait Gallery
Caravaggio, 400 years on
Date: 26-04-2010
Owning Institution:
Round up of 2009 exhibitions
Date: 14-12-2009
Owning Institution:
The Ashmolean revived
Date: 01-11-2009
Owning Institution: Ashmolean
"The Sacred Made Real" at the National Gallery
Date: 25-10-2009
Owning Institution: National Gallery
“The Discovery of Spain” at The Royal Scottish Academy
Date: 09-09-2009
Owning Institution: Royal Scottish Academy
“Medals of Dishonour” at the British Museum and “Felicity Powell” at Domobaal
Date: 23-08-2009
Owning Institution: The British Museum
“The Polish Connection” and “The Best of British” at The Dulwich Picture Gallery
Date: 16-08-2009
Owning Institution: Dulwich Picture Gallery
“Garden and Cosmos: The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur” at the British Museum.
Date: 31-05-2009
Owning Institution: British Museum
“Baroque” at the V & A.
Date: 12-04-2009
Owning Institution: Victoria & Albert Museum
"Van Dyck and Britain" at Tate Britain
Date: 22-02-2009
Autumn preview of exhibitions in London and Paris 2008
Date: 07-09-2008
Owning Institution:
“Turmoil and Tranquillity” at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
Date: 03-08-2008
Owning Institution:
“Painting Family: The De Brays, Master Painters of 17th Century Holland” at the Dulwich Picture Gallery
Date: 27-07-2008
Owning Institution:
The Prado extension; Velazquez
Date: 06-01-2008
Owning Institution: The Prado
The Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille
Date: 11-11-2007
Owning Institution: Palais des Beaux-Arts Lille
Faith, Narrative and Desire at The British Museum
Date: 09-09-2007
Owning Institution: The British Museum
Dutch Portraits: The Age of Rembrandt and Frans Hals
Date: 01-07-2007
Owning Institution: National Gallery
The Parrot in Art at the Barber Institute, Birmingham
Date: 18-03-2007
Owning Institution: The Barber Institute
Velazquez at the National Gallery
Date: 22-10-2006
Owning Institution: National Gallery, London
Rembrandt & Co: Dealing in Masterpieces at the Dulwich Picture Gallery 2006
Date: 11-06-2006
Owning Institution: Dulwich picture Gallery
Jacob van Ruisdael at the Royal Academy 2006
Date: 12-03-2006
Owning Institution: The Royal Academy, London
The Exhibition as Prize Fight: Rembrandt versus Caravaggio at the Van Gogh Museum 2006
Date: 05-03-2006
Owning Institution: The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
China: The Three Emperors, at the Royal Academy 2005
Date: 20-11-2005
Owning Institution: The Royal Academy, London
Rubens: Master in the Making, at The National Gallery 2005
Date: 30-10-2005
Owning Institution: National Gallery
Self-Portrait: Renaissance to Contemporary at The National Portrait Gallery 2005
Date: 23-10-2005
Owning Institution: National Gallery
The Cambridge Illuminations at The Fitzwilliam Museum and Cambridge University Library 2005
Date: 04-09-2005
Owning Institution: Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
ITP 278: River Landscape with Apollo and the Cumaean Sibyl by Salvator Rosa
Date: 28-08-2005
Owning Institution: The Wallace Collection London
ITP 275: Summer by Nicholas Pousin
Date: 07-08-2005
Owning Institution: The Louvre
ITP 257: Self-Portrait by Bartolome Esteban Murillo
Date: 03-04-2005
Owning Institution: National Gallery
New Portrait Miniatures Gallery, at The Victoria and Albert Museum
Date: 20-03-2005
Owning Institution: Victoria and Albert Museum
ITP 252: John Evelyn by Robert Walker
Date: 27-02-2005
Owning Institution: The National Portrait Gallery
ITP 250: Huntsmen Halted by Aelbert Cuyp
Date: 13-02-2005
Owning Institution: The Barber Institute
ITP 248:Janus Costume for ‘Ballet de la Nuit’, attributed to Henri de Gissey
Date: 30-01-2005
Owning Institution: Bibliotheque de l'Institut de France, Paris
ITP 247: Church with Renaissance Porch, by Frans Post
Date: 23-01-2005
Owning Institution: National Gallery, London
ITP 238: St Michael Archangel by Guido Reni
Date: 21-11-2004
Owning Institution: Santa Maria della Consolazione
ITP 237: The Goldfinch by Carel Fabritius
Date: 14-11-2004
Owning Institution: The Mauritshuis
ITP 233: A Young Archer by Govaert Flinck
Date: 17-10-2004
Owning Institution: Wallace Collection
ITP 230: Peace and Plenty Binding the Arrows of War by Abraham Janssen
Date: 19-09-2004
Owning Institution: Wolverhampton Art Gallery
ITP 228: Still Life with Musical Instruments by Evaristo Baschenis
Date: 05-09-2004
Owning Institution: The Barber Institute of Fine Arts
ITP 218: The Lady with a Fan by Diego Velazquez
Date: 27-06-2004
Owning Institution: The Wallace Collection
ITP 207: Tulip by Jacques de Gheyn II
Date: 11-04-2004
Owning Institution: The Frits Lugt Collection
ITP 200: The Astronomer by Johannes Vermeer
Date: 15-02-2004
Owning Institution: The Louvre
ITP 193: The Effects of Intemperance by Jan Steen
Date: 28-12-2003
Owning Institution: The National Gallery
ITP 184: Interior of St Bavo’s Church, called the ‘Grote Kerk’, at Haarlem by Pieter Jansz. Saenredam
Date: 26-10-2003
ITP 180: The Jewish Bride by Rembrandt
Date: 28-09-2003
Owning Institution: The Rijksmuseum
ITP 179: The Apotheosis of King James I by Peter Paul Rubens
Date: 21-09-2003
Owning Institution: The Hermitage
ITP 178: The Toilet of Venus (The “Rokeby Venus”) by Diego Velazquez
Date: 14-09-2003
Owning Institution: The National Gallery
ITP 161: Pope Innocent X by Diego Velazquez
Date: 18-05-2003
Owning Institution: Doria-Pamphili Gallery
ITP 147: The Laughing Cavalier, 1624, by Frans Hals
Date: 09-02-2003
Owning Institution: The Wallace Collection
ITP 146: Woman in Blue Reading a Letter, circa 1664, by Johannes Vermeer
Date: 02-02-2003
Owning Institution: Rijksmuseum
ITP 128: Abraham’s Sacrifice by Rembrandt
Date: 29-09-2002
Owning Institution: Hermitage Romms
ITP 118: Still Life of Flowers in a Stone Vase by Jan van Huysum
Date: 21-07-2002
Owning Institution: Private collection
ITP 113: Self-Portrait by Salvator Rosa
Date: 16-06-2002
Owning Institution: The National Gallery
ITP 111: David with the Head of Goliath by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
Date: 02-06-2002
Owning Institution: Galleria Borghese
ITP 110: The Cook by Bernardo Strozzi
Date: 26-05-2002
ITP 93: Charles I in Three Positions, by Anthony Van Dyck
Date: 27-01-2002
Owning Institution: Royal Collection, Windsor Castle
ITP 86: Geminiano Caldorostaro by Francesco Villamena
Date: 09-12-2001
Owning Institution: British Museum
ITP 82: Louise de Keroualle by Sir Peter Lely
Date: 11-11-2001
Owning Institution: Althorp.
ITP 78: Saint Teresa in Ecstasy by Gianlorenzo Bernini
Date: 14-10-2001
Owning Institution: Cornaro Chapel, Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome
ITP 69: Landscape with Apollo and the Muses by Claude Lorraine
Date: 12-08-2001
ITP 67: Kitchen Scene with Christ in the House of Martha and Mary by Diego Velazquez
Date: 29-07-2001
Owning Institution: The National Gallery, London
ITP 40: Bacchanal before a Term, by Nicolas Poussin
Date: 21-01-2001
Owning Institution: The National Gallery, London
ITP 34: A Winter Scene with Skaters Near a Castle, by Hendrick Avercamp
Date: 10-12-2000
Owning Institution: The National Gallery, London
ITP 5: Vase of Flowers in a Niche by Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder
Date: 21-05-2000
Owning Institution: The Hague, Mauritshuis
Love's labours lost
Date: 12-08-1997
Owning Institution: Foundation Cartier
The name of progress
Date: 03-03-1997
Owning Institution: Tate Gallery
Joy Unconfined
Date: 05-11-1996
Owning Institution: National Gallery
Say it with flowers
Date: 30-07-1996
Owning Institution: Dulwich Picture Gallery
British art - our best kept secret
Date: 04-04-1996
Owning Institution:
Every silver lining needs a cloud
Date: 23-05-1995
Owning Institution: National Gallery
A dance to the music of time
Date: 24-01-1995
Owning Institution: Royal Academy
Try this for sheer size
Date: 30-11-1993
Owning Institution: The Louvre
The page of reason
Date: 25-05-1993
Owning Institution: British Museum
Painting over the past
Date: 03-11-1992
Sudden shafts of reality
Date: 27-10-1992
Owning Institution: Ashmolean Museum
Posture and imposture
Date: 20-10-1992
Owning Institution: Tate Gallery
Say it with flowers, pick the rose.
Date: 01-09-1992
Owning Institution: Serpentine Gallery
A bricklayer's view of the world
Date: 28-07-1992
Owning Institution: National Gallery
Facial disfigurement
Date: 21-07-1992
Owning Institution: Cartier Foundation
A king's ransom
Date: 19-05-1992
Owning Institution: Dulwich Picture Gallery
A Rough Magic
Date: 31-03-1992
Owning Institution: National Gallery
On a wing and a prayer
Date: 28-12-1991
Owning Institution:
Regal Bearings
Date: 22-10-1991
Owning Institution: National Gallery
Lines of Thought
Date: 01-10-1991
Owning Institution: South Bank
The Hair Apparent
Date: 19-03-1991
Owning Institution: National Gallery
Darkness in a Frame
Date: 15-01-1991
Owning Institution: Accademia Italiana
A Land of Opportunity
Date: 21-08-1990
Owning Institution: National Gallery of Scotland
The fabric of everyday life
Date: 16-01-1990
Owning Institution: Royal Academy
The graphic details
Date: 09-01-1990
Owning Institution: Bolton Art Gallery
Finding knowledge in lost Rembrandts
Date: 09-12-1989
Owning Institution: Wallace Collection
Rembrandt award for curator
Date: 09-12-1989
Owning Institution: Wallace Collection
Research reduces the number of 'real Rembrandts'
Date: 08-12-1989
Owning Institution:
Experts cast doubt on 20 'Rembrandts'
Date: 08-12-1989
Owning Institution:
Subject: 17th Century
Painter of painters
Date: 07-10-1989
Owning Institution: Metropolitan Museum of Art
Movements in Modern Art
Date: 25-07-1989
Owning Institution:
Body Language
Date: 06-07-1989
Owning Institution: Victoria and Albert
A deal about pictures, or glory?
Date: 30-06-1988
Owning Institution: Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum
This is not a repeat
Date: 04-01-1988
Owning Institution: V&A
The shock of the old
Date: 09-10-1987
Owning Institution: Manchester City Art Gallery
See Delft and die
Date: 15-06-1987
Owning Institution: Mauritshuis
Come into the garden, Claude
Date: 05-01-1987
Owning Institution: Sotheby's
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